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Welcome to Jena Tec

Jena Tec is a leading name in the design, manufacture and supply of linear and rotary motion products and services. Jena Tec's wide experience in the fields of ballscrews, spindles, actuators, linear motion components and asset repair capability gives an unrivalled capability compared to our competitors. High quality, competitive pricing, good delivery and excellent customer service are our aims. Jena Tec operates from world class manufacturing locations in the USA, UK, Germany and Japan and exports internationally through sales offices and our distribution network supporting our established and growing customer base.

Jena Tec UK

Located in the centre of the UK in Nottingham, Jena Tec UK provides a range of activities including special purpose spindle design and manufacture, transfer line multi heads, rotary tables, linear actuators, ballscrew & linear rail distribution,repair and replacement and a variety of asset repair services including spindle and multi head repair. Close to J27 of the M1, we are within easy reach of most customers within the UK and provide service nationwide as well as export to the USA, Europe and Asia.