Jena-Tec Linear Guide

Linear Guides

Jena Tec’s Linear Guides are a precision grade linear motion component designed to be interchangeable with a wide variety of alternative manufacturers. Offering many standard sizes in stock with sizes from 15 to 65 in the standard and high load variations along with miniature rail and spacer type design for low noise applications, Jena Tec’s comprehensive range means we can offer a complete solution for your linear motion as well as ballscrews and bearing end support requirements. To quickly check compatibility of alternative linear guide systems, click here for our cross reference chart

SBI high-load type

With all advantages of our SBG type, SBI improves load capacity and increases speed capabilies for the rail system.

SBI Linear Guide

SBI Type

-Type: SBI15~65

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SBG standard

Standard SBC linear rail system

SBI Linear Guide

SBG Type

Type: SBG 15~65

SBS type

-Assembly height is lower than SBG type
-Type : SBS 15~45

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SPG Spacer

Low noise type in which the plastic spacer are inserted in between balls.

SBI Linear Guide

Low noise (Spacer type)
Spacer are inserted in between balls

SPG (=SBG dimensionally interchangeable)

Type : SPG 20~35

SPS (=SBS dimensionally interchangeable)

-Type: SPS 20~35

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SBM Miniature

Miniature linear rail system with compact size also achieve high-load.

SBI Linear Guide

SBM (Standard miniature)

-Type: SBM09~15

SBML (High-load miniature)

-Type : SBML09~15

SBMW (Wide type miniature)

-Type: SBMW09~15

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